Thursday, October 4, 2012

HJC - Simchas Torah Second Update



Here is the second update.  Not much is happening.  There was a time when these kibbudim were highly prized.  The bids are historically low with most of the bids coming from only a couple of individuals.  If you do not want a kibbud for yourself, consider purchasing one for a friend.  Or you may combine with others to purchase a kibbud.


Bidding closes Sunday at noon.


If you want to join us for Simchas Torah lunch but have not made reservations, please contact the office as soon as possible – although at this point lunch will be late due to the performance of Cantor Bolotin who is purchasing Musaf.


Guten Moed,






Atah Horeisa (night)


Atah Horeisa (day)


Kol HaNearim


Chosson Torah


Chosson Bereishis












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