Friday, April 22, 2016

HJC News - Pesach

Refua Sheleima to Maya Kleyman.

There will be no childcare in shul on the first two days of Yom-Tov.  
There will be childcare in shul on the last two days of Yom-Tov.

The full Shul calendar for April and May is available on the shul's website, at

Deena and I wish all of you a Chag Kasher V'Sameyach, a wonderful Pesach. 

Good Shabbos and Good Yom-Tov
Rabbi Davidovich

Friday, April 22 (Erev Pesach)
   No eating Chometz from 10:44 AM
   No owning Chometz from  12:04 PM
   Chatzos -  1:25 PM
   Candle-Lighting:  7:56 PM       
   Mincha      7:55 PM  
   Kiddush no earlier than   8:59 PM
   Chatzos   1:25 AM
Shabbos, April 23 (First Day of Pesach)
     Shacharis   9:20 AM
     Latest Time to recite Shema:   9:59 AM
  Ideally Start Shalosh Seudos before 5:30 PM
     Mincha    7:45 PM  (No Shalosh Seudos in Shul) 
     Maariv     9:01 PM
     Shabbos ends / Candle-Lighting from an existing flame after   9:06 PM
     Chatzos   1:25 AM

Sunday, April 24 (Second Day of Pesach) 
     Shacharis    9:20 AM
     Latest Time to recite Shema:   9:58 AM
     Mincha    7:55 PM
     Maariv     9:03 PM (V'sein Bracha)
     Havdala  after 9:08 PM (no spices or candle)

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, April 25-26-27  (Chol Hamoed)   

    Gemara class   Cancelled
    Shacharis   6:30 AM
    Mincha-Ma'ariv   8:05 PM

Thursday, April 28 (Chol Hamoed)
   Gemara class   Cancelled
     Shacharis   6:30 AM
 Make an Eiruv Tavshilin       
     Mincha      6:40 PM 
     Candle-Lighting:  Earliest:  6:55 PM  /  Latest -  8:03 PM

Friday April 29  (Sh'vii Shel Pesach)
     Shacharis   9:00 AM
     Mincha   6:40 PM 
     Candle Lighting from an existing flame
:  Earliest: 6:55 PM / Latest 8:05 PM

Saturday April 30  (Acharon Shel Pesach) 
     Shacharis    9:00 AM

     Yizkor     after 10:45 AM
     Mincha     7:45 PM, followed by Shalosh Seudos  (Bring only unused containers to shul)
     Shabbos/Pesach ends  9:14 PM
     (regular Havdala, with spices and candle)
     Wait to eat the Chometz you sold till 10:15 PM

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