Wednesday, November 25, 2015

HJC News - Vayishlach

Mazel Tov to Aharon Ireland, and Yossi and Channa Ireland, on Aharon's Bar-Mitzvah. Kiddush is sponsored by Yossi and Channa Ireland in honor of their son Aharon's Bar Mitzvah.

Mazel Tov to the Kushners and the Setniks on the marriage of Nechemia and Olivia.  

Condolences to Rob Altshuler on the passing of his brother Larry Altshuler.  The funeral took place on Tuesday in Austin, Texas.  Rob is sitting Shiva at his home 2595 Brentwood Road.  Visiting 
Hours are as follows:
Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sun: 8:30-11:30am
Wed, Thurs, Motzoei Shabbos, and Sun: 7:00-9:00pm
There are no minyanim at the house.  

Please join us for the Mincha Minyan during the week. 

Deena's weekly class for women takes place every Monday at 9:30 am at their home, 14385 Washington.  All women in the community are welcome to attend.

The next Simcha Kiddush, covering both November and December, will take place on December 5.  Please contact the office or Jason Claude to co-sponsor for as little as $18 a name.  

HJC will be having a Shabbos Chanukah luncheon.  Our new board and officers will be installed during this luncheon.  Anyone wishing to help defray the cost per person by underwriting a portion of the cost as a donation, please contact the office or Rob Altshuler.

Please order your wine through the Shul. Wine order Deadline is Monday, Dec 7th.

Good Shabbos
Rabbi Davidovich

Thursday, November 26  (Thanksgiving)
  Gemara Shiur   will not meet
  Shacharis   8:00 AM
  Mincha-Ma'ariv   4:45 PM  
  followed by Mishnayos Shiur

Friday, November 27
 Gemara Shiur   will not meet
 Shacharis   8:00 AM
 Candle Lighting  4:41 PM
 Mincha  4:45 PM

Shabbos, November 28 (Vayishlach)
  Parsha Shiur    8:30 AM  
  Shacharis    9:00 AM
   Sof Zman Krias Shema   9:52 AM
  Navi Shiur    4:00 PM
  Mincha      4:30 PM
  followed by Shalosh Seudos
  Shabbos ends   5:49 PM

Sunday, November 29
  Shacharis  8:00 AM
  Mincha-Ma'ariv   4:45 PM
  followed by Mishnayos Shiur

Monday-Thursday, November 30- December 3
  Gemara Shiur   6:15 AM
  Shacharis   6:45 AM
  Mincha-Ma'ariv   4:45 PM  
  followed by Mishnayos Shiur

Friday, December 4
 Gemara Shiur  6:15 AM 
 Shacharis    6:45 AM
 Candle Lighting  4:38 PM
 Mincha  4:40 PM

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